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How to Swing a Baseball Bat (11-Step Guide)

Learning how to swing a baseball bat may seem like a simple task. You pick up the bat by the handle, swing it as hard as you can, and that’s it. Many of the professionals make swinging a bat look very easy. It seems that swinging a bat comes very natural to them, and it should to as […]

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Proper Batting Stance for Baseball (6-Step Guide)

Proper Batting Stance for Baseball (6-Step Guide)

In reality, there are many different variations of a batting stance, with each batter making a slight adjustment here or there to get a stance that’s comfortable for him.

Some of these stances may be open, closed, or even. Some batters may stand straight up or crouch lower to the ground.

While these stances can look quite different from one another, they all work because they follow all the basic principles of a proper batting stance.

Let’s take a look at how you can get a proper batting stance for baseball in six steps.

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How to Increase Bat Speed Immediately (5 Secrets)

One of the basic tenets of hitting in baseball is that the more speed you are able to generate in your swing, the faster the ball will travel off your bat. It seems like a rather basic rule, but it’s a very important one. Knowing how to increase bat speed while keeping control of your swing will […]

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How to Hold a Baseball Bat Correctly (5-Step Guide)

Learning how to hold a baseball bat isn’t as simple as just picking up the bat with your hands and swinging. Sure, you can get the bat into your hands that way with ease, but focusing on exactly how you hold and grip a baseball bat will give you the best possible outcome when you swing. Just […]

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