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how to slide in baseball

How to Slide in Baseball? (Simple 6-Step Guide)

When there are bang-bang plays in baseball, every inch and every second can make a difference. With base runners going at full speed to try to beat a throw from a fielder, they will oftentimes perform a slide to try to get to the base faster and safer, while avoiding a tag at the same time. Knowing […]

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6 Base Running Tips to Steal More Bases

Stealing a base is one of the most exciting plays in all of baseball. It only takes a mere few seconds from the time the base runner breaks for the next base and when the ball arrives at that base from the catcher, which makes the play all the more exciting. To be a successful at base […]

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how to break in a baseball glove

How to Break in a Baseball Glove (4 Easy Methods)

There’s nothing quite like buying a new baseball glove. From going to the store to pick out the glove that’s the right size and looks the best… To bringing it home and taking off all the tags, it’s a great experience for young kids new to the game and even older players, too. If you’ve never bought a […]

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