How to Throw a Slider (10-Step Guide)

A slider is one of the most effective pitches in baseball.That’s because it’s a fast breaking ball that has much more speed than a curveball, but slightly less speed than a four-seam or two-seam fastball.Because of this, batters will often incorrectly read the ball out of a pitcher’s hand as a fastball, only to be […]

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How to Increase Bat Speed Immediately (5 Secrets)

One of the basic tenets of hitting in baseball is that the more speed you are able to generate in your swing, the faster the ball will travel off your bat.It seems like a rather basic rule, but it’s a very important one.Knowing how to increase bat speed while keeping control of your swing will […]

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Infield Fly Rule in Baseball

What is the Infield Fly Rule in Baseball? (Full Explanation)

The infield fly rule is a unique rule in baseball.It is a rule that is designed to prevent the fielding team from tricking runners and converting a double play or triple play off what should be an easy pop out.The infield fly rule is a judgment call that umpires make based on a few factors […]

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What is a Balk in Baseball? (Full Explanation)

Baseball has a few rather complicated rules, and the balk is definitely one of them.It is one of the most misunderstood rules in the game, and while it doesn’t seem to happen too often, it does occur from time to time.But why is it such a difficult rule to understand?One of the main reasons is […]

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How to Hold a Baseball Bat Correctly (5-Step Guide)

Learning how to hold a baseball bat isn’t as simple as just picking up the bat with your hands and swinging.Sure, you can get the bat into your hands that way with ease, but focusing on exactly how you hold and grip a baseball bat will give you the best possible outcome when you swing.Just […]

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How to Throw a Changeup

How to Throw a Changeup (4-Step Guide)

The changeup is one of the most basic off-speed pitches that a pitcher can throw.While there are quite a few variations of it, the basic changeup is easy to understand. Most youth pitchers should learn how to throw a changeup right after they learn the fastball.In addition, a changeup doesn’t put as much stress on […]

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How to Throw a Curveball (4-Step Guide)

Next to the fastball, the curveball is the most common type of pitch that is thrown in a game of baseball.It is often the first breaking ball that a pitcher will learn.Unlike a fastball, which travels straight for the most part, a curveball will dive down and to the side as it approaches the plate.This […]

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Baseball Positions: All 9 Fielding Positions Explained

Let’s start off super simple…In baseball, like most sports, there is a defense and an offense. The defensive players are known as ‘fielders’.There are 9 fielding positions in baseball.For the purposes of getting to know the different baseball positions, let’s go in numerical order based on the scorebook.The positions in baseball are as follows:1. Pitcher2. […]

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